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Banner logging setting control how banner delivery is logged.

Set the global defaults for what statistics will be logged, and what will not logged, when banners are delivered.



To modify the banner logging settings, as an administrator user, go to Configuration > Global Settings > Banner Logging Settings.

There are two groups of settings available for managing what statistics are, and are not, logged in Revive Adserver.

Banner Logging Settings

The banner logging settings allow you to configure if requests, impressions and/or clicks should be logged by Revive Adserver.

By default, Revive Adserver will log impressions and clicks. (In addition, any conversions will always be logged; this is not configurable). Revive Adserver does not log requests by default, as most users have no real need for these statistics.

Revive Adserver almost always requires that impression statistics be logged in order to operate correctly. Historical impression data is a key part of how Revive Adserver calculates banner priorities in zones, and delivery of banners will be almost always affected if impression logging is disabled.

Do not disable impressions logging unless you are very familiar with the Revive Adserver architecture, and have a specific reason to do so.

In addition, there are two other options present, which probably no longer belong on this settings page - see https://github.com/revive-adserver/revive-adserver/issues/344.

Block Banner Logging Settings

The block banner logging settings allow you to configure the circumstances under which Revive Adserver should not log statistics, even when in the general case (as defined in the banner logging settings above) they normally would be logged.

These options allow Revive Adserver to be configured to:

Larger Revive Adserver may want to consider obtaining access to the IAB/ABC International Spiders & Bots List for use in the setting to not log statistics when the user's user agent string matches. This will greatly reduce the impact of spiders and bots on Revive Adserver statistics for professional users.