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Use a text banner whenever the creative is plain text.

Text banners are a simple way of displaying text as a banner. The banner could be displayed as a traditional banner, but is more often used to display a "text ad" inside content.


This page discusses the options that are specific to creating banners of type "text". Please see the Creating a Banner page for details on the overall process on creating banners. 

Basic information

There is a single Basic information field for text banners, which is required:

Create a Text banner - banner text

There is one Create a Text banner - banner text field for text banners, which is a free form input area for the banner text.

Banner link

There are two Banner link fields for text banners:

Banner display

There is one optional Banner display field for text banners:

Additional data

Finally, there are three optional Additional data fields for text banners:

Delivering Text Banners

Text banners can be delivered via the following mechanisms: