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Use a URL banner whenever the creative is hosted externally.

Using a URL banner instead of a SQL banner or a web banner has its pros & cons - see the Creating a Banner page for a discussion of the differences.


This page discusses the options that are specific to creating banners of type "url". Please see the Creating a Banner page for details on the overall process on creating banners. 

Basic information

There is a single Basic information field for URL banners, which is required:

Link an external banner

There is a single Link an external banner field for URL banners, which is the URL of the image that should be used as the banner creative.

Note that if you upload a Flash file as the banner creative, then you will be presented with two additional options.

The first is the option. When selected, Revive Adserver will inspect the Flash file uploaded, and converts any hard-coded links found in the Flash file so that clicks on the Flash banner creative will be able to be tracked by Revive Adserver.

The second additional option is the ability to upload a second creative file, which should be a static image creative, of the same dimensions as the Flash file. This allows Revive Adserver to serve the static image creative when the user being shown the banner creative does not have support for viewing Flash files.

Banner link

There are two Banner link fields for URL banners:

Banner display

There are three optional and two required Banner display fields for URL banners:

Additional data

Finally, there are three optional Additional data fields for URL banners:

Delivering URKL Banners

URL banners can be delivered via the following mechanisms: