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Accounts and Users.

All about Revive Adserver's account and user system.


Accounts vs. Users

Revive Adserver has both accounts and users.

It is important to note that a user can be associated with multiple accounts. When this is the case, and a user is logged in, then the user is able to select which account they want to use by selecting the appropriate account from the "Working as" dropdown menu in the top-right hand corner of the user interface.

Managing Users with the Administrator Account

To manage which users are associated with the administrator account, you will need to be logged in as a user already associated with the administrator account, and then go to Inventory > Admin Access.

 Here, you can:

Adding Users

When associating (adding) a user to an account, the first step in the process is to supply the username for the user. 

In the event that the username already exists in the system, the user will immediately be associated with the account.

However, in the event that the username does not exist in the system, you will be prompted to supply some required details, and Revive Adserver will then create the new user, and associate it with the account as requested.

This process of associating am existing user with an account / creating a new user to associate with an account is the same regardless of the level of account - so the above process for adding a user applied not only to the administrator account, but to all other account types as well.

Creating new Manager Accounts

The creation of new manager accounts can only be performed by the administrator account.

When logged in as a user associated with the administrator account, new manager accounts can be created by going to Inventory > Account Management and select Actions > Add new account.