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Use a Generic HTML banner whenever the creative is HTML code.

Generic HTML banners can either be HTML that you have written yourself, or as supplied by an advertiser or banner network or exchange.


This page discusses the options that are specific to creating banners of type "html", subtype "Generic HTML". Please see the Creating a Banner page for details on the overall process on creating banners. 

Basic information

There is a single Basic information field for Generic HTML banners, which is required:

Create an HTML banner - banner code

There are three Create an HTML banner - banner code fields for Generic HTML banners, which are:

Banner link

There are two Banner link fields for Generic HTML banners:

Banner display

There are two required Banner display fields for Generic HTML banners:

Additional data

Finally, there are three optional Additional data fields for Generic HTML banners:

Delivering HTML Banners

HTML banners can be delivered via the following mechanisms: