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Setting Up the Test Framework.

A guide to setting up the Revive Adserver development test framework .



In order to set up the Revive Adserver development test framework, you will need:

Copy & Configure the Test Configuration File

In your Revive Adserver development environment:

  • Copy the /etc/test.conf.php file to the /var directory;
  • Edit the /var/test.conf.php file:
    • In the [database] section:
      • Set the appropriate database type;
      • Set the appropriate host of your database;
      • If required, set the socket or port;
      • Set an appropriate username and password to connect to the database with (not that this username will need permissions to create, modify and drop the test database); and
      • Set the name of the test database, if a different name is needed.
  • Update the ownership or permissions of the /var/test.conf.php file to allow your web server user to write to this file.

Having problems running the tests with 500 errors? The database connection may be the cause.

Try copying the known good [database] section from your Revive Adserver development environment - but remember to update the details for the database name, at least!

Accessing the Test Framework via a Web Browser

To access the test framework via a web browser, point your browser at the /tests directory of your Revive Adserver development environment. 

So, for example, if your Revive Adserver development environment is accessible at, then the test framework will be available at:



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