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Frequently Asked Questions.

A list of frequently asked questions, and answers to them.

Banner Carousel

Q. Does Revive Adserver have a "banner carousel", where multiple banners can be shown in a constantly rotating slideshow?

A. No.

Multiple Banners per Zone

Q. Can Revive Adserver show two or more banners in a zone at once?

A. No, Revive Adserver only displays one banner per zone invocation tag at once. Note that this doesn't stop you from:

  • Linking multiple banners to a zone - you can link as many as you like. But a zone invocation tag will only display one of the linked banners at once.
  • Putting the zone invocation tag on a page more than once - you can put the same zone invocation tag onto a page as many times as you like, if that's what you want to do.

Self Service & Payments

Q. Does Revive Adserver have a system to allow publishers and advertisers to sign up, and then automatically invoice them / collect payment from them?

A. No.

Show Banners only from the one Campaign

Q. Can Revive Adserver only show banners from the one campaign on a page, without banners from another campaign showing up?

A. Yes. See the "Companion Positioning" feature in Creating a Campaign.

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