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If the ZIP file does not contain the required single HTML file/master HTML file, or, if the ZIP file contains any file(s) that have an extension that is not in the approved list, then the ZIP file will not be accepted.

Otherwise, Revive Adserver does not impose any other limitations on the ZIP file - the contents may use any valid filenames or directory structure as appropriate for your needs, or as supplied by many common HTML5 banner generation tools and network.

Destination URL

A destination URL must always be provided and the banner must use clickTag, as per the IAB's HTML5 for Digital Advertising v2.0 guide.

Revive Adserver will always call the banner using the format:

Code Block

where {REVIVE_ADSERVER_CLICK_URL} is replaced with the appropriate URL to the Revive Adserver ck.php script to ensure that click-tracking is correctly performed.

Revive will also automatically add JS clickTAG parsing functionality from the URL if it finds a JS variable (with any value) in the uploaded banner:

Code Block
var clickTag = '';

Banner Dimensions

Revive Adserver will read the HTML5 banner dimensions from the IAB meta tag, if present. For example: