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Accounts and Users.

All about Revive Adserver's account and user system.



Accounts vs. Users

Revive Adserver has both accounts and users.

  • Users represent an actual person who has permissions to log into a Revive Adserver installation. A user has a username and password which allows them to log in (as well as some other data, like their name and email address).
  • Accounts are associated with different objects within the Revive Adserver hierarchy, and provide access to the data within Revive Adserver appropriate to that object. Revive Adserver as the following account types:
    • The administrator account - a top-level account which provides full administrative access to the Revive Adserver instance, including global configuration options for the installation, as well as access to all manager, advertiser and website level accounts. Only one administrator account can exist in Revive Adserver, which is called the "Administrator account" in a default installation.
    • Manager accounts - accounts at a level above the advertiser and website level accounts, which provide access to a defined set of advertiser and website objects. By default, Revive Adserver installs with a single default manager account called "Default manager".
    • Advertiser accounts - accounts at an advertiser object level. By default, Revive Adserver does not create any advertiser accounts on installation.
    • Website accounts - accounts at a website object level. By default, Revive Adserver does not create any website accounts on installation.

It is important to note that a user can be associated with multiple accounts. When this is the case, and a user is logged in, then the user is able to select which account they want to use by selecting the appropriate account from the "Working as" dropdown menu in the top-right hand corner of the user interface.

Creating new Manager Accounts

The creation of new manager accounts can only be performed by the administrator account.

When logged in as a user associated with the administrator account, new manager accounts can be created by going to Inventory > Actions > Add new account.

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