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The deliveryLimitations Plugin Hook.

Details of the deliveryLimitations plugin hook supported by Revive Adserver.


deliveryLimitations Hook

The deliveryLimitations hook allows plugins to add capabilities to Revive Adserver for defining delivery rules to be used as part of banner Delivery Options.

Revive Adserver supports 4 different groups within the deliveryLimitations hook:

  • Client;
  • Geo;
  • Site; and
  • Time.

These groups relate, respectively, to the delivery rules provided by the:

Each delivery rule requires two files :

  • One file to define the way the way the rule is displayed in the UI, and how data for the rule is managed/stored:
    • plugins/deliveryLimitations/{$GROUP}/{$RULE}.class.php
      • where {$GROUP} is one of the supported groups listed above; and
      • where {$RULE} is a string representing the delivery rule.
    • The file must define a class of the format:
      • class Plugins_DeliveryLimitations_{$GROUP}_{$RULE} extends Plugins_DeliveryLimitations
    • The class may override methods from the parent Plugins_DeliveryLimitations class as required to define the details of how the delivery rule works.
  • One file to define the way the rule is processed during delivery of banners (i.e. if the rule matches or fails):
    • plugins/deliveryLimitations/{$GROUP}/{$RULE}.delivery.php
    • The file must define a function of the format:
      • function MAX_check{$GROUP}_{$RULE}($limitation, $op, $aParams = array())
    • The function must return:
      • true if the rule passes (and the banner is permitted to be delivered); or
      • false if the rule fails (and the banner is not permitted to be delivered).
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