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Resetting Revive Adserver account passwords.

There are two different ways that user account passwords can be re-set in Revive Adserver, to deal with the situation where a user has forgotten their password.


Self-Service Password Reset

Users who had forgotten their password can use the "Forgot your password?" link on the Revive Adserver login page. 


By clicking on this link, and entering their email address, Revive Adserver will send an email to the supplied email address (assuming it is a valid account address) with a one-time link, allowing them to re-set their password to a new password of their choice.

The email also reminds the user of their username, in case they have forgotten this.

It will be necessary to ensure that your PHP installation has been correctly configured to send email, for the Revive Adserver "Forgot your password?" option to work correctly.

Manual Reset

In the event that a user no longer has access to the email address set up for their account, preventing them from using the self-service password reset option above, the user's password will need to be reset manually via the Revive Adserver database.

Please be very careful performing a manual password reset. It is your responsibility to be 100% certain that the account you change and the password you supply are to a known, trusted person, otherwise you risk exposing access to your Revive Adserver instance to malicious users.

You may be better removing the account that is no longer able to be accessed, and create a brand new account, using the known email address of the person the account is intended to be for, rather than manually changing the password of an existing account, and providing that password to someone you may not be able to be completely certain is who they say they are.

The following SQL statements may need to be adjusted to meet your specific installation's setup.

Step 1: Check there is only one account for the appropriate email address

select * from rv_users where email_address = '[email protected]';

If there is more than one account, you will need to determine which account you want to reset the password for, and then, in the SQL below, use the account's user_id to select the appropriate row to update, instead of the email address.

Step 2: Reset the account password

update rv_users set password = MD5('new_password') where email_address = '[email protected]';