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  1. I'm documenting the plugin system in this repo:

    The plugin structure is on the way:

    Tutorial: Creating a Hello World Plugin API:

    Next I will doc the API component and create a tutorial.

  2. Also, checkout the plugins_repo/ which has the core plugins available to examine for tips and examples.

  3. Hello Everyone,

    Is there any Free API document(s) for Revive ad server through which I can use almost all functionalities like manage advertiser, manage campaigns, manage zones, manage lite items, manage creatives, get invocation code, etc?

    I am a developer and trying to develop a system and can make a handshake with Revive ad server and can do all functionality without the jump to Revive site.



    1. Hi Manjeet Chauhan,

      No, not yet, unfortunately - documentation is an ongoing process, and we are working as hard as we can to both improve the product as well as the documentation!

      You can help us out by sponsoring us on Patreon, if you would like. Thanks!