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  1. Hi there.  

    I was wondering if Revive offers certain options as follows:

    1) Does Revive offer the option to register publishers or sources of traffic that would be sending visitors to our website via a banner or any types of link.

    2) I was also wondering how we could track clicks and/or action that would be sent from a specific source of traffic via a banner to an advertiser.  For instance we may provide the same banner to three publishers (or one publishers promoting our offers on various pages of his/her site) and would want to know which one is performing best?

    3) In relation to above and while sending traffic to an advertiser can we track the action/conversation that will take place on the advertiser's website?

    Thanks for any input on these questions and thanks for making Revive an open solution.  I intend to donate if we end-up using it since it is definitely worth supporting this types of developments.