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Revive Adserver Installation Fails: PHP version X.X.X, or greater, was not detected.

A troubleshooting guide to help when Revive Adserver won't install with an error about being unable to detect the required version, or greater, of PHP.



During a new installation of Revive Adserver, Revive Adserver gives an error that "PHP version X.X.X, or greater, was not detected". However, the server does indeed have a suitable version of PHP installed.

Troubleshooting Process

It is possible for servers to have more than one version of PHP installed, and for different versions of PHP to be used by different websites on the same server.

To check exactly which version of PHP is being used by the webserver configuration that is delivering the Revive Adserver code that you are trying to install, create a file called phpinfo.php in the same directory that Revive Adserver is installed in, containing the following code:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Then load the new file from your browser. So, for example, if you were trying to install Revive Adserver by going to, then load the URL

You should see that the version of PHP displayed does not match the minimum required version for Revive Adserver.

Resolving this issue will depend on your webserver configuration.


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